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Vol. 29 No. 02 (2022): JPTCP

Published: 2022-06-27


Diagnostic role of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in differentiating Breast Lesions.

Hussein Abed Dakhil, Ahmed Mohamedbaqer Easa, Ammar Yaser Hussein, Raad Ajeel Bustan, Hayder Suhail Najm
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Study the Relationship between FT3, FT4, and TSH with Some Bone Resorption Indexes in Hypothyroidism Men

Asma'a H. Mohamed, Noor S. Naji, Ali H. Al-Saadi
Abstract 163 | pdf Downloads 79 PDF Downloads 103 XML Downloads 71 HTML Downloads 482

Estimation of some antioxidants for people exposed to electromagnetic waves for Internet towers in Samarra

Methaq Nazhan Mahmood , Asmaa Hashim Shaker , Humam E. Mohammed
Abstract 169 | pdf Downloads 91 PDF Downloads 128 XML Downloads 49 HTML Downloads 416

Laparoscopic and open Burch colposuspension for stress urinary incontinence: Advantages / disadvantages

Ahmed Ali Obaid , Shiren Ali Al-Hamzawi , Ahmed Abdulameer Alwan
Abstract 154 | pdf Downloads 80 PDF Downloads 95 XML Downloads 46 HTML Downloads 484

YKL-40 as a novel diagnostic biomarker in Toxoplasmosis

Farah Abd AL-Zahra Shahad, Ahmed A. Mohammed, Ghaith Ali Jasim
Abstract 142 | pdf Downloads 79 PDF Downloads 113 XML Downloads 48 HTML Downloads 1210

The Potential Effect of Smart devices and other stressful factors on vitiligo in Nassiriah city/ Iraq

Alaa Naif , Kadhim Ahmed Kadhim , Emad R. Shwail , Sabah Hasan Rhadi
Abstract 160 | pdf Downloads 82 PDF Downloads 102 XML Downloads 48 HTML Downloads 492

Traditional Cauterization Among Children in Bint Al-Huda Hospital in Al-Nasiriya City, Iraq

Abdullah Hmood Abdullah, Raid kareem Dehiol
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Modular Operating Theater (MOT) Based Integration System in Hospital Operating Rooms

Andiyan Andiyan, I Made Raka, Masayu Rosyidah, Santi Salayanti, Pandu Adi Cakranegara, Rini Nuraini
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 136 XML Downloads 47 HTML Downloads 351

Is adding an Oral Antibiotic with the Topical Antibiotic-Steroid Useful in Treatment of Uncomplicated Acute Otitis Externa in Immunocompetent Patients?

Ahmed Muhei Rasheed, Shamil Abbood Hilal , Azzam Muhsin Abbas
Abstract 167 | pdf Downloads 83 PDF Downloads 115 XML Downloads 47 HTML Downloads 484

Evaluation the outcomes of using iliac bone graft for reconstruction of traumatic orbital floor fractures

Mukhalled Salim Alasady , Amer Kanj, Abd El Hadi Kanj
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Effect of CoQ10 Administration to Psoriatic Iraqi Patients on Biological Therapy Upon Severity Index (PASI) and Quality of Life Index (DLQI) Before and After Therapy.

Ghadah Ali Al-Oudah, Ahmed Salih Sahib, Mohammed K. Al-Hattab, Ali Ameer Al-Ameedee
Abstract 152 | pdf Downloads 80 PDF Downloads 145 XML Downloads 71 HTML Downloads 894
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