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Lakachew Bekele
Sundas Kanwal
Rabia Taj
Raana Mahmood
Paula Jativa
Nicole Yañez Villacres
Aleena Shahzad


Metformin, Dementia, Neuroprotection, Cognitive Function, Systematic Review


This study aimed to investigate the impact of metformin use on the risk, progression, and severity of dementia, considering its potential neuroprotective effects. Through a comprehensive literature review and analysis of epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and comparative research, we synthesized evidence to evaluate the relationship between metformin therapy and dementia outcomes. Our findings revealed conflicting perspectives, with some studies suggesting a potential protective effect of metformin in reducing dementia risk, while others indicated mixed results regarding its influence on cognitive function and disease progression in diagnosed patients. Despite these discrepancies, our analysis underscores the importance of personalized approaches to metformin therapy and the need for further research, particularly large-scale, long-term randomized controlled trials, to clarify its therapeutic potential and optimize clinical practice in the context of dementia management.

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