Published: 2021-12-09


Antibacterial activity of Cinnamon and Clove oil against wound pathogens

Rajeshkumar S, Ananadhi P, Tharani M, Lakshmi T
Abstract 412 | PDF Downloads 288 XML Downloads 64 HTML Downloads 126 | DOI

Clinical Decision Making in Managing Deep Carious Lesions in Primary Teeth Based on Clinical Experience Among Pediatric Dentists- A Cross Sectional Study

Sunil Babu Kotha, Haifa A Binhuwaishel , Rayyanah N almuhaydib, Lujain Y Alzeghaibi, Maram A Alhajri
Abstract 391 | PDF Downloads 265 XML Downloads 101 HTML Downloads 148 | DOI

Knowledge and attitude of substance abuse among youths in Tikrit-Iraq

Mayada Kamel Mohammed, Nisreen Mohammed Ibraheem , Maysaloon Ahmed Khudhair
Abstract 236 | PDF Downloads 195 XML Downloads 68 HTML Downloads 78 | DOI

Knowledge and practices of Self-medication among sample of outpatients attendant to Baghdad teaching hospital,2019

Dr. Mais Najah Razak AlShibly , Lamyaa Ali Hasan, Ashwaq Ridha Abdulsada
Abstract 393 | PDF Downloads 335 XML Downloads 65 HTML Downloads 89 | DOI

Cecal and ilial intubation rates in colonoscopy: Comparative study

Osamah Tahir Muslim, Hasan Osamah Al-Obaidi
Abstract 311 | PDF Downloads 223 XML Downloads 92 HTML Downloads 184 | DOI

Postoperative complications of partial inferior turbinectomy vs powered endoscopic turbinoplasty

Abstract 211 | PDF Downloads 169 XML Downloads 55 HTML Downloads 129 | DOI

A Review on plant mediated selenium nanoparticles and its applications

Rajeshkumar S, Jayapriya J, Lakshmi T
Abstract 344 | PDF Downloads 328 XML Downloads 80 HTML Downloads 86 | DOI

Oral Health-Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) among groups of Foundling and Delinquent Children in comparison with mainstream children

Abdulaziz Abdullah Alsaif, Thamer Adel Alkhadra, AlBandary Hassan AlJameel
Abstract 328 | XML Downloads 92 HTML Downloads 163 PDF Downloads 234 | DOI

Treatment of Recurrent Minor Aphthous Stomatitis Using Diode Laser (940nm)

Hussien GH. Ghali, Balsam Saadi Abdulhamed
Abstract 238 | PDF Downloads 181 XML Downloads 129 HTML Downloads 96 | DOI

In vitro Anti-inflammatory activity of Silymarin/Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Nanocomposites and its cytotoxic effect using Brine shrimp lethality assay

Rajeshkumar S, Aravind Kumar Subramanian , Ramachandra Prabhakar , Raj Vikram N, saravanan dinesh SP
Abstract 261 | PDF Downloads 271 XML Downloads 64 HTML Downloads 141 | DOI

Knowledge and Attitude of Medical Student toward Self Medication in Tikrit University

Dr. Balqees Ramadan, Dr. Balqees Ramadan
Abstract 186 | PDF Downloads 163 XML Downloads 66 HTML Downloads 102 | DOI