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Sudhair Abbas Bangash
Dr. Syed Sikandar Shah
Sidra Hassan
Md Moktadirul Alam
Muhammad Umar
Dr. Rebecca Caruana
Dr. Abdalrahim A.M Bsharat
Dr. Saja Khalid Ahmed Al-Abbasi
Tariq Rafique


Parkinson's, Nutritional approach, Dysphagia, Food supplements


Introduction: Malnutrition in the context of Parkinson's disease involves both excess and deficiency, with deficiency recognized as a prominent global cause of immunodeficiency. Various risk factors, including weight loss, levodopa treatment duration, anxiety, and symptoms related to dysautonomia, contribute to malnutrition in Parkinson's patients.

Objective: This study aims to delineate the impact of nutritional interventions on individuals with neurodegenerative Parkinson's disease.

Methodology: Conducted as a retrospective descriptive bibliographic review, the study involves a comprehensive search and analysis of original scientific articles in Spanish and English. Medical information databases such as PubMed, Web of Science, BVS, Scholar, Medline, SciELO, etc., were utilized for article selection.

Results: Out of 37 screened scientific articles, nine high-level evidence surveys were included, following predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria. The nutritional approach to Parkinson's involves guided diets tailored to the patient's nutritional status and disease progression. The Mediterranean diet emerges as a well-supported option for nutritional support in Parkinson's, along with recommendations for diet modification in the consistency of both liquids and solids.

Conclusion: This review underscores the importance of addressing malnutrition in Parkinson's disease through a targeted nutritional approach. Guided diets, especially those aligned with the principles of the Mediterranean diet, are recognized as valuable strategies. Modification of diet consistency, considering the progression of the disease, further adds to the nuanced nutritional management of Parkinson's patients.

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