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Manthan P Makwana
Dr. Nishkruti Mehta
Dr. Pragnesh Patani




For centuries, individuals have used regular medications to retouch a grouping of body

ailgnments. The vast majority of phytochemicals, which have various pharmacological applications in addition, consolidate alkaloids, polyphenols, terpenoids, glucosinolates, and glycosides are viewed as in plants. Clinical exploration has exhibited the immunomodulatory properties of these dynamic mixtures. A substance known as a natural immunomodulator can either increment or diminishing the invulnerable framework's intrinsic and versatile immunological reactions. Overall sensible survey is at this point zeroed in on how different helpful plant parts can change the safe system. Different Rasayana Indian common spices have been shown to have immunomodulatory properties in a number of instances. The majority of the focus of the study is on 13 Indian kitchen recipes that are used as flavors and boost resistance in the body by both explicit and vague systems

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