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Sakshi Kaneria
Ms. Purvi Ramanuj
Dr. Pragnesh Patani




Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease with an unclear cause marked by inflammation cause by dysfunction in the immune system, which results in inflammation in various parts of the skin. It is mainly characterized by activation of T-cell (T-lymphocyte), abnormal increase in keratinocyte, local vascular changes and stimulation of the neutrophil. There are a lot of therapies used to treat psoriasis including topical, systemic and phototherapy but none of them is able to cure the disease completely, inhibiting the long-term serious side effects for the human body. In comparison to these, herbal therapies play an important role for the treatment of psoriasis. This review report summarizes the recent developments showing potential of herbal therapy for treatment of psoriasis along with future prospect in the field of traditional treatment of psoriasis

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