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Dr. Subhalaxmi Dash
Dr Sudhanshu Sekhara Nanda
Prof. Dr. Bharati Mishra


sickle cell anaemia, sickle cell disease, sickle cell trait


Objectives: To determine the perinatal outcome in pregnancy with sickle cell anemia.

Methods: This is a prospective observational study, for which 2214 of pregnant women were chosen from ANC OPD obstetric ward and labor room. All of them were screened for sickle cell anemia, as the prevalence rate in this part of Orissa is 2.8% of the pregnant women, 62 women were found to be positive for either sickle cell disease or trait, confirmed by electrophoresis. Perinatal outcome as regards birth weight, Apgar score, NICU admission and perinatal loss were tabulated, Wherever applicable, chisquare test was applied.

Results: The overall incidence of sickle cell anemia was 2.8%. Out of 62, sickle cell disease (SS) was found in 25 cases (40.32%) and sickle cell trait (AS) in 37 cases (59.68%). SS incidence is 1.12% and AS incidence is 1.67% overall in the pregnant population. Prematurity was detected in 36% of (SS), 5.4% of (AS). Low birth weight babies born to SS, AS were 60%, 24.32%, respectively. Perinatal mortality was 4% in (SS), none in (AS).

Conclusions: The incidence of preterm deliveries, perinatal mortality and low birth weight babies are significantly high in women with sickle cell disease. However the perinatal outcome in mothers with sickle cell trait is better as compared to sickle cell disease.

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