Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Aloe Vera and Neem Leaf Extract and their Cytotoxic Effect evaluation

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Joshua Narde
Nabeel Ahmed
Subhabrata Maiti
S Rajeshkumar
Dhanraj Ganapathy


silver nanoparticle, aloe vera, neem, cytotoxic effect, innovation


Background: Traditional processes are used to create nanoparticles. Hazardous compounds are required as capping agents to maintain stability, resulting in environmental toxicity. As a result, "green synthesis" is required. As a result, the goal of this study was to see how cytotoxic selenium nanoparticles supplemented with aloe vera and neem leaf extract were used. The various medicinal properties of neem and aloe vera prompted us to use them both.
Aim: Aim of the study was green preparation of silver nanoparticles from aloe vera and neem leaf extracts and to check its cytotoxicity evaluation.
Material and methods: Cytotoxic effect of prepared selenium nanoparticles from banana stem was assessed using Brine Shrimp Assay respectively at 5 μL, 10 μL, 20 μL, 40 μL and 80μL.
Results: The selenium nanoparticle is safe to use in dental materials up to a concentration of 20 μL. Although cytotoxicity was observed at 40μL and 80μL concentrations.
Conclusion: Within the scope of the study, it is possible to conclude that selenium nanoparticles can be used safely in concentrations of up to 20μL.

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