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Muhammad Daud
Muhammad Mubassir
Sikandar Khan
Muhammad Uzair
Muhammad Salman
Musawer Ibrar
Muhammad Bilal Khan
Mohsin Hassan Khan


General Surgery, Postoperative Recovery, Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS), Length of Hospital Stay


Background: General surgery involves several procedures; each carries its own limitations. Traditional perioperative management protocol includes prolonged fasting, delayed mobility and narcotic painkillers, hence prolonged hospital stay.

Objective: To examine the effects of ERAS protocols on the process of recovering after surgery in a group of patients undergoing general surgical procedures.

Methodology: A descriptive analysis of 75 adult elective general surgery patients was studied. Patients were recruited from General Surgery unit C Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar - Pakistan from December 1st, 2022, to November 30th, 2023. Participants were arbitrarily assigned to two groups A and B. Both groups were matched for age and gender. Patients in group A (control group) received standard perioperative treatment. Patients in group B (ERAS/study Group) received surgical care that included preoperative therapy, pain management, early mobilization and oral feeding.

Results: The study included 75 patients: 37 in the control group and 38 in the ERAS group. Male participants made up 56.8% of the control group and 60.5% of the ERAS group. The ERAS group had significantly shorter hospital stays versus control (3.2 days vs 4.8 days, p<0.001), lower bowel function recovery time (24.5 hours versus 36.5 hours, p<0.001) and significantly lower postoperative complication rate than the control group (13.2% vs 32.4%, p value <0.001).

Conclusion: ERAS method for patients undergoing elective general surgery has better post-operative recovery with decreased postoperative complications than traditional recovery management approach.

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