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Qaisar Alam
Naeem Ullah
Muhammad Salman
Zulfiqar Ullah
Sajjad Haider


musculoskeletal lesions, open biopsy, percutaneous core needle biopsy (CNB), diagnostic accuracy, healthcare costs, comparative analysis, musculoskeletal malignancies


Background: Musculoskeletal lesions pose diagnostic challenges, requiring histopathologic verification for precise characterization. This study compares open biopsy and percutaneous core needle biopsy (CNB) for musculoskeletal malignancies.

Methods: The study was conducted at National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine Islamabad during the period from January 2021 to July 2023. A retrospective analysis of medical records and diagnostic reports included patients undergoing either open biopsy or percutaneous CNB. Diagnostic accuracy, complication rates, hospitalization duration, and healthcare costs were assessed.

Results: Percutaneous CNB demonstrated superior diagnostic accuracy (46%) compared to open biopsy (42%), aligning with existing literature. Complication rates favored CNB (16%) over open biopsy (24%). CNB led to a significantly shorter hospitalization duration (1.5 days) compared to open biopsy (4 days). Cost analysis revealed a compelling advantage for CNB, with an average cost per case of PKR 825,000, contrasting with PKR 1,200,000 for open biopsy.

Conclusion: Percutaneous CNB emerges as a preferred option for musculoskeletal malignancy diagnosis, offering enhanced diagnostic accuracy, lower complication rates, shorter hospitalization, and cost-effectiveness. Economic considerations play a pivotal role in healthcare decision-making, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach considering both clinical and financial dimensions.

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