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Qaisar Alam
Naeem Ullah
Muhammad Salman
Zulfiqar Ullah
Sajjad Haider


Distal radius fractures, cast immobilization and volar locking plating.


Objective: To compare the functional and radiological outcomes of volar plating versus conservative treatment for distal radius fractures.

Methodology: This randomized controlled trial was conducted in department of Orthopedics and Trauma, National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Islamabad and Zimri Orthopedic Hospital, Islamabad. 74 cases of closed intraarticular distal radius fracture, were divided in two groups, cast immobilization for 6 weeks (group A)  and open reduction internal fixation with volar locking plating (group B) and were followed over a period of one and a half year from February 2021 to August 2022.

Results: Total of 74 patients were observed, which were divided in two equal groups. Overall Male to female ratio was 1.74:1. The overall average age of the patients was 45.33years+ 15.6SD. Dash score was a little bit low in group A as compared to Group B although insignificant with p- value 0.418. Average volar tilt score in group A was 6.68+1.28SD as compared to 3.31+0.59SD in Group B which was significant.

Conclusion: Operative treatment using open reduction and locking plate fixation volarly is more effective as compared to conservative treatment with closed reduction and cast immobilization of distal radius AO type B and C fractures keeping in view the commonly used radiological and functional parameters.

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