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Muhammad Daud
Muhammad Latif
Abdul Hameed
Sohail Ahmad
Syed Nouman
Salman wali
Saba Gul Khattak
Naqeeb Ullah
Syed Wazir
Tamanna Nazir




The Aim  of this study was to fine out the Thyroid Dysfunction among Hypertensive Pregnant Women in tertiary care hospital

Material and methods: This observational study was conducted at the department of Medical / gyn unit Lady Reading Hospital Peshawer KPK from august 2019 to July 2023 after the approval from the ethical committee of the institute A total of 101 pregnant  women  visited  the hospital were included . The inclusion criteria was pregnant women diagnosed with hypertension and thyroid dysfunction and patients  who discharge,  pass away,  or  leave  the  hospital  in  between  period of the study were excluded. Data were collected base on various variables like parameters like age, gestational age, length of stay were assessed using one sample t-test and were analyzed through SPSS software version 29 to find the outcomes. For Test of significance of hypertension and hypothyroidism in pregnant women we used Pearson Chi-square test {χ2 -test}

Results A total of 101 patients participated in this study   which were recognized and examined for final outcome.  Among these patients the frequency of    hypothyroidism  was   (47%)  followed  by  hypertension  (32%)  and  females  with  both  hypertension and hypothyroidism were  21% as presented in  (FIG no 1).

SPSS software version 29 were used for the Statistical analysis and     parameters were evaluated through one sample t-test. The   p value found was   <0.001 which indicates   that these parameters are statistically highly noteworthy. So in pregnant women there was statistically noteworthy variance among the high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.

Conclusion: It was identified from this study that there were changes in the thyroid function of pregnant women with hypertension and hypertensive pregnant women had hypothyroidism

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