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Iqra Shahzadi
Madiha Mukhtar
Iqra Habib


Hospital Care, Myocardial Infarction, Seeking Care, Cardiology, Tertiary Hospital


Background: The implications of delayed care extend beyond individual patients, affecting broader healthcare systems and necessitating targeted interventions to address modifiable barriers. Therefore, this study is an organized effort to understand the multifaceted reasons behind delayed care-seeking behavior among myocardial infarction patients.

Objective: The objective of the study was to explore the factors in seeking hospital care among myocardial infarction patients.

Material and Methods: A qualitative exploratory study design was used to conduct this study. The study was conducted in a cardiology inpatient ward in a specialized health care tertiary hospital in North-East Punjab, Mayo Hospital Lahore. The non-probability Purposive Sampling technique was used to recruit the participants .A total of ten participants were interviewed based on data saturation. Semi-structured face-to-face individual interviews were used to obtain data from the participants. The audio-recorded interview was then transcribed verbatim into textual form, which was analyzed using the qualitative conventional content analysis approach, in which the interview is the unit of analysis. Where codes, subcategories, categories, subthemes, and the main themes will be generated.

Findings: The analysis provided that there was a  complex interplay of factors contributing to delays in seeking care for heart attacks, ranging from lack of family support and recognition of symptoms to systemic issues such as limited accessibility and fear of healthcare institutions. Addressing these multifaceted challenges is crucial for improving early detection and timely intervention for individuals at risk of heart attacks.

Conclusion: The findings underscore the importance of addressing individual barriers, such as knowledge gaps and fear, and the broader societal and healthcare system challenges that hinder timely care-seeking behaviour. Moreover, healthcare systems must strive for efficiency and accessibility, ensuring patients have seamless access to emergency medical services and minimal delays in delivering life-saving interventions.

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