Evaluation Of Bond Strength of Dental Ceramic Materials With Co-Cr Copings Fabricated Using Different DMLS Machines - A Systematic Review

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Divij Khullar
Deepak Nallaswamy
Vinay Sivaswamy
Subhabrata Maiti


DMLS, direct metal laser sintering, debonding, ceramic bonding, adhesion, SLA


Background: New invention made dentistry to a next level . Metal ceramic bonding can be dependent on the technology. Hence the aim of the review is to assess the bond strength of ceramic with cobalt chromium copings fabricated on various DMLS machines.
Materials and Methods: The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines were applied. A systematic search was conducted by an electronic search in PubMed, Sciencedirect, European PMC, Google Scholar and Cochrane databases. Several others were complemented by a manual search.
Results : A total of 151 papers were screened, with 5 deemed appropriate and the rest failing to meet the Systematic Review's requirements. Majority of them were in vitro trials.The SLM and conventional cast sample groups did not significantly differ in terms of mean bond strength, according to a student t-test conducted within the groups. A mixed fracture pattern was detected by SEM/EDS analysis on the debonding interface of both the SLM and in comparison to the control group in the cast groups, the SLM group showed significantly more porcelain adhesion.
Conclusion: To determine the bonding strength of ceramic to DMLS manufactured co-cr copings, more clinical studies with longer follow-up are needed. 

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