Bioinformatic Analysis of Genes Involved In The Pathogenesis Of Ameloblastoma And Human Tooth Germ

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Abilasha Ramasubramanian
Vijayashree Priyadharsini J
Pratibha Ramani


Analysis, Germ, potential, human


Background: Pathogenesis of most odontogenic tumors is not well established. It is important to identify various genetic deregulations and molecular alterations. Common signaling pathways between ameloblastoma and human tooth germ is yet to be well established. This study aimed to investigate, through bioinformatic analysis, the possible genes involved in the pathogenesis of ameloblastoma (AM) and human tooth germ.
Aim: To analyze the genes commonly expressed in human tooth germ and ameloblastoma for better understanding the molecular pathogenesis of ameloblastoma.
Materials and methods: This is an in-silico study. GeneCards database was used for this study. The database was used to identify important genes expressed in the formation of human tooth germ and ameloblastoma. The potential candidate genes were then mapped using an online program STRING (version 11.5). This identified the interaction of networks between the protein-coding genes. The genes which showed a high degree of confidence were included and their direct and indirect interactions were evaluated. Each gene interaction was scored to produce an overall association score. The genes which displayed the highest WNL score were mentioned as leader genes.
Results: GeneCards and STRING analysis showed a final count of 10 genes that were commonly expressed in ameloblastoma and human tooth germ were included. These were : IGF1 , STAT1 , TLR2 , BRAF , IGF2 , ERK2 , ERK1 , NFkappaB , MEK2 and MEK1. From the WNL analysis, ameloblastoma, the highest WNL values were identified in genes BRAF V600E, MAPK, STAT1 and NFKappaB, The most relevant WNL values for human tooth germ are IGF1, IGF2, TLR1, TLR2 , STAT1 and NKKappaB1.

Conclusion: STAT 1 and NFKappaB together help in tumor cell proliferation and cell survival. Numerous targeted therapies have been produced against these genes. Further in vitro molecular analysis such as microarray are needed for proper application of these therapies.

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