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Abdullah Tariq
Dr. Adel Moideen
Anurang Rawat
Safiyyah Mukarram Khan
Daniel M. Mami
Murad Ali Khan
Praveenkumar Periyasamy


Heart and Stress, Cardiac conditions, Long-term stress


Introduction: Chronic stress, often labelled as the "disease of the century," is a pervasive issue in modern society, exacerbated by continuous digital connectivity, socioeconomic pressures, and the relentless drive for efficiency. Recognizing the profound impacts of chronic stress on various bodily systems, including immune, neurological, and endocrine, highlights its significance beyond mere psychological distress.

 Methodology: This integrative study explores the effects of the Mediterranean diet on preventing cardiovascular diseases in the context of chronic stress. Comprehensive searches were conducted in the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) and the Online Electronic Scientific Library (SCIELO) using the keywords "chronic stress treatment" and "chronic stress and the heart." Initial findings yielded 52,040 and 10,589 articles in PubMed and 105 and 37 in SCIELO, respectively. After a detailed review, nine pertinent studies were selected based on various methodologies, including cohort studies and systematic literature reviews, with considerations for relevant national regulations.

 Discussion: Cardiovascular health is crucial for sustaining a long and high-quality life. Understanding the physiological mechanisms and potential dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system—which includes the heart, blood vessels, and blood—is essential for comprehensive health knowledge. The increasing correlation between chronic stress and cardiovascular health poses significant public health concerns, given the ongoing demands for productivity and escalating socioeconomic pressures. This study underscores the need to assess chronic stress's impact on cardiovascular health and overall quality of life, recognizing the severe implications these diseases have on well-being and mortality risk.

 Conclusion: The linkage between chronic stress and cardiovascular health is undeniable. Chronic stress exerts a significant pathophysiological impact on the cardiovascular system, with crucial clinical implications. This underscores the need for targeted strategies to mitigate stress and promote cardiovascular health, particularly in the face of modern societal challenges

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