Anti-Leishmaniasis, Anti-Urease, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Oxidant Activities Of Β-Hydroxy Keto Compounds Synthesized Through Aldol Reaction

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Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Naveed Umar
Muhammad Zahoor
Sher Wali Khan
Riaz Ullah
Essam A. Ali
Naila Gulfam


Synthesis, Aldol, Anti-urease, Anti- fungal, Anti-bacterial, anti-leishmaniasis.


Aldol and its derivatives play crucial role in the field of biological research. Recently, Numerous pharmacological investigations on aldol and its compounds have been carried out. However, more research is needed to determine the significance of biological compounds. “The β-hydroxy carbonyl compound is the central core for different necessity of biological compounds. The β-hydroxy carbonyl compounds are synthesized by an aldol reaction of Cyclohexanone with 2- bromo, 3-bromo, 4-bromo benzaldehydes in the presence of a catalyst (2-picolylamine) and solvent (water & ethanol) gives a compound. Different biological studies were carried out of the synthesized compound, such as anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-leishmaniasis, anti-urease. Among different substituted compounds some were found with few folds’ better potentials than standard drug E. coli, Terbinafine, thiourea and paromomycin.

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