Assessment of Volumetric Changes of Alveolar Bone in Geriatric Population

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G R Aiswarriya
Ramya Ramadoss
Sandhya Sundar
Suganya Panneer Selvam
Pratibha Ramani


Alveolar bone,CBCT, Bone resorption


Introduction: Alveolar bone is the part of the maxilla and mandible that supports teeth and fibers of the periodontal ligament.Few changes observed in the bone during aging are being described here in the study.The changes include thinning of bone tissue,increased vulnerability to fractures and also increase in labial alveolar resorption as people age.
Materials And Methods: Cone Beam computed tomography (CBCT CS 9600) images were taken from post extraction cases. CBCT images were assessed using the software Care Stream (CS) 3D Imaging.
Results: 15 images of the alveolar bone of patients in the age group of 50-60 were obtained .
Conclusion: The measurements of the cortical plates and bone width indicate the pattern of resorption of the alveolar bone in the post extraction spaces .

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