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Dr Ghazala Langah
Dr Bushra Jamil
Dr Arhama Samad
Dr Zain Ul Abdin
Dr Manisha Kumari
Dr Mamoona


Bag packs, Heavy, Jamshoro, Musculoskeletal pain, School going children


An increasingly serious issue of significant concern revolves around the rising prevalence of
musculoskeletal pain among school-going students, stemming from the burden of carrying backpacks.
The primary aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among
elementary school children due to traditional heavy backpacks
Material and methods
This cross-sectional study was conducted among 100 students by using a non-probability convenient
sampling technique. Students with acquired physical disabilities or recent surgeries were excluded.
Data collection involved questionnaires and measurements of backpack weight. Statistical analysis
was performed using SPSS version 23.
The study highlighted that most of the participants were 13 years old, and carried school bags within
the recommended weight range. Moderate pain was prevalent among participants, with bilateral
shoulder pain being the most common, followed by mid-thoracic back pain. Many cases reported
experiencing pain in multiple body areas, particularly bilateral shoulder pain and mid-thoracic back

This study examines musculoskeletal discomfort in elementary students, with a focus on
musculoskeletal pain from heavy backpacks. The study suggests a strong link between carrying
backpacks over10% of body weight and increased musculoskeletal discomfort.

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