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Abdul Rauf
Areeba Hafeez
Syed Ayaz Kazmi
Muhammad Zahid Latif
Beenish Shahid
Tasleem Akhtar
Sundus Khawaja
Nuzhat Shafi
Zeeshan Anjum
Mohsin Nazeer Awan
Salma Farooq
Muqaddas Tahir
Raja Awais Mumtaz
Faisal Farooq


Coverage of Covid-19 vaccines, Knowledge and Attitudes towards Covid-19 vaccines, Covid-19, Covid-19 in Azad Kashmir, Vaccine coverage of Covid-19 in AJ&K, Vaccination of Covid-19 in Muzaffarabad


Background: The highly contagious respiratory disease, COVID-19, originating from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, has rapidly spread globally, causing significant human suffering and economic losses. This study in district Muzaffarabad, AJ&K, Pakistan, focuses on assessing knowledge, attitude, and coverage of diverse COVID-19 vaccines among the general population.

Methods: Executing a cross-sectional survey, data from every union council in district Muzaffarabad was collected, incorporating both primary and secondary sources. GraphPad Prism (version 7.4) facilitated data analysis, employing multiple linear regression and the Chi-square test for quantitative data analysis.

Results: The study in Muzaffarabad district revealed significant findings on COVID-19 vaccination. A noteworthy 83% participants displayed positive knowledge, alongside a 77.3% positive attitude. Vaccination status disparities emerged, with EPI reporting 29.6% fully vaccinated and 48.1% half vaccinated, while primary sources showed higher figures at 72.2% fully vaccinated and 8.6% half vaccinated, possibly reflecting differences in population size. CanSino proved most effective at 97.9%, with low post-vaccination COVID-19 cases (4.2%), mainly due to missed booster doses. Common side effects included pain at the injection site (55%), fever (47.5%), tiredness (29.2%), headache (23.3%), and muscle pain (21.1%).

Conclusion: In Muzaffarabad, people mostly have knowledge and express a positive attitude towards COVID-19 vaccines. Differences in vaccination numbers between primary and secondary data may be attributed to population sizes. Overall, the vaccination campaign represents a positive stride toward achieving a herd immunity and tackling global COVID-19 challenges in Muzaffarabad.

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