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Abdul Rauf
Muqaddas Tahir
Humaira Abid
Fahad Alshahrani
Muhammad Zahid Latif
Mohammed Merae Alshahrani
Ahmed Abdullah Al Awadh
Nawal E Al-Hazmi
Abdulfattah Omar
Tasleem Akhtar
Syed Ayaz Kazmi
Zeeshan Anjum
Iqra Bibi
Zahoor Iqbal


Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, pregnant women health, risk factors of viral hepatitis, diagnostic associations of viral hepatitis, CBC, BSR, PCR, hepatitis B & C in pregnant women


Background: Due to lack of published data from AJ and K state of Pakistan, it is challenging to gain insight into hepatitis B and C prevalence in pregnant women. This research was conducted in an effort to close this knowledge gap and provide the groundwork for future investigations.

Methods: Hepatitis B and C were tested in pregnant women using immuno-chromatographic test and Polymerase Chain Reaction. Blood sugar, LFTs, blood count, risk factors, and knowledge level were also evaluated.

Results: The prevalence of hepatitis B and C infections among pregnant women was found to be 5.2% and 6.4%, respectively. The higher rate of hepatitis B was found in the third trimester and hepatitis C was found in the second trimester. The knowledge level of the participants was less than 20% about viral hepatitis B and C. There were significant associations of hospitalization history (p=0.0003), blood transfusion (p<0.0001), treatment from quacks (p<0.0001), high WBCs (p<0.0001), and low Platelets (p<0.0001) count with hepatitis B and C positivity. However, a higher ALT level (p<0.0001) was only correlated with Anti-HCV prevalence and there was no association of blood sugar level with hepatitis B and C.

 Conclusion: The risk of vertical transmission of HBV and HCV exists in the studied population. Comprehensive treatment of pregnant women for hepatitis B and C, along with HBV vaccination for neonates, is essential to prevent the further spread of these infections.

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