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Dr. Siddharth Panditray
Dr. Nilamadhaba Prusty
Dr. Rajashree Nayak


Neoadjuvant therapy, perineural invasion, carcinoma, lymphovacular invasion, oral cavity


This study looks at the clinical and segment elements of patients with the oral depression carcinoma getting neoadjuvant treatment to give knowledge into the fundamental factors influencing the course of the sickness and the adequacy of therapy. After 129 members' information were examined, the investigation discovered that men were bound to have it and that it was fundamentally connected with liquor and smoking. Notwithstanding skin and bone attack, buccal mucosa and the underside of the gingivobuccal sulcus are unmistakable subsites that feature the illness' intricacy. Scant data on lymphovascular and perineural attack features regions that need more exploration. Indeed, even with deficient information, the passing rate shows the critical impact that oral depression carcinoma has on the strength of patients. The outcomes highlight the need of explicit therapy plans, careful information gathering, and continuous examination to further develop understanding and organization of neoadjuvant therapy in oral disease.

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