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Emama Arshad Abbasi
Nisha Hamid Awan
Soffia Khursheed
Sohail Ahmed
Jahanzeb Ahmed
Amna Akbar
Sabahat Tasneem
Mohammad Saleem khan
Sarosh Khan Jadoon


Endometrial Cancer, miR-421, miR-548ag, Biomarkers, Meta Analysis


Objective: This research is to explore the relationship in immune related biomarkers and prognosis in endometrial cancer (EC).

Method: This article searched relevant databases and literature, and ultimately included 13 articles for meta-analysis. During the literature screening process, irrelevant literature, as well as literature published in comments and academic conferences were excluded. Among the included literature, there are 6 articles related to miR-421 and 7 articles related to miR-548ag. The data processing of Meta-analysis adopts statistical methods.

Result: The combined specificity and SROC curve results of meta-analysis showed that miR-421 and miR-548ag possess high diagnostic value for EC. At the same time, sensitivity analysis was conducted on the overall survival rate of OS, and no significant impact was found on combined HR and 95% CI in any study. This indicates that miR-421 and miR-548a possess an essential influence on the prognosis of EC and demonstrates the reliability of this analysis.

Conclusion: The relevant outcomes suggest that miR-421 and miR-548ag may be biomarkers for the prognosis of endometrial cancer. These findings have important guiding significance for a deeper understanding of the pathogenesis, pathological and physiological changes, and clinical treatment of endometrial cancer. It is essential to conduct more research for validating the role of these biomarkers in the prognosis of endometrial cancer.

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