Knowledge And Attitude Towards the Challenges and Limitations in Covid Vaccine Development in Various Countries Among The Dental Population

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Samyuktha P S
Dr. Abilasha R


Sars-CoV-19, Covid-19, Covid vaccine, Covid immunization, Coronavirus, novel technology, innovative technology


Introduction: The current Covid-19 pandemic has urged the international scientific community to find solutions in regards to therapeutics and vaccine developments. Around 70 vaccines were being developed at the time of the survey. Any vaccine that is reliable, effective, permanent and accessible to a large population is a good candidate. The aim of this study is to determine the knowledge and attitude towards the challenges and limitations in Covid vaccine development in various countries among the dental population.
Materials And Method: A self structured online questionnaire was distributed among dental students through the platform Surveyplanet. The survey was distributed to 100 participants who were selected using Simple random sampling. The questionnaire consisted of 16 questions pertaining to Covid Vaccine development and its challenges and limitations. The results were tabulated and analyzed using SPSS software by IBM. Pie charts and bar graphs were used to graphically represent the data obtained.
Results: 47% of the participants were aware of the severity of Covid in our country, while 78% were aware that Covid vaccination programs had begun across the country at the time. 51% of the participants thought that Covishield was the most effective vaccine, in comparison to Pfizer, Moderna, Novovax and Covaxin. 36% of the participants believed that India was the frontrunner in vaccine development at the time, followed by the USA (25%). 47% believe that the safety and the testing of the developed vaccines might be hindered due to the time constraints and 69% believe that vaccination and immunisation will be effective against the spread of the coronavirus. Overall, more than 80% of the participants believe that there is a need to be vaccinated against the novel Covid-19.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that the dentists are knowledgeable and aware of the challenges and limitations of Covid vaccine development. This is imperative in guiding the general public and sharing knowledge and providing scientific facts so that the public can take an informed decision with regards to vaccination and immunization against the Sars-CoV-19. 

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