Awareness among Covid-19 precautions among patients visiting dental hospital

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Madhumithaa Sivarajan
Dr. Abilasha R
Dr. Reshma Poothakulath Krishnan


awareness, COVID-19, precautions, patients, dental hospital


Background: The Coronavirus 2 syndrome (SARS CoV 2) or COVID-19 pandemic's rapid and widespread reach has become a major cause of concern to the dental health-care profession. The aim of this study is to assess the level of public knowledge, attitude and practice regarding COVID19 and infection control when visiting a dental hospital.
Materials and Methods: An online questionnaire was created. Convenient sampling method was used for data collection. The sample population was 104 patients aged between 10-80 years. The data was entered, and analyzed using SPSS 20.0 version. Descriptive statistics, frequencies, and percentages were used to summarize the data. Chi square test was used to determine the association of study disciplines among the patients. P >0.10 was considered statistically not significant.
Results: A total of 104 responses were obtained. All respondents had heard about coronavirus. Over 90% were aware of the severeness of the pandemic. 90% of the patients wear masks every time they visit a dental hospital. Over 80% disposed their masks after their visit to the dental hospital .About 88% weretaking precautions. Over 90% were interested in knowing more about the disease and the necessary precautions to be taken while visiting a dental hospital. Comparison of the overall sections among various groups showed a nonsignificant result although some individual questions showed a statistically significant result.
Conclusion: Dental health professionals need to conduct regular educational activities and training programs on infection prevention practices with respect to COVID-19 infection to serve their patients, not just their own practice but also to help the patients know about the severity of not taking precautions while visiting a dental clinic.

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