Prevalence Of Oral Reactive Lesions Among Oral Biopsies - An Institutional Based Study

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Aathira. C. M
Dr. Abilasha R


Gingival reactive lesions, histopathology, innovative technique, peripheral giant cell granuloma, Pyogenic granuloma, inflammatory fibroepithelial hyperplasia


Introduction: Gingival mucosa is very often under mild irritation as a result of masticatory forces, entrapment of food debris, ill fitting appliances and the multitudinous array of normal microflora which may turn pathogenic under altered circumstances. The response of the gingival mucosa towards these irritants sometimes turn out to be hyperplastic which may lead to a class of oral reactive lesions namely inflammatory fibroepithelial hyperplasia, Pyogenic granuloma, angiomatous granuloma, peripheral ossifying fibromyalgia and central giant cell granuloma.
Aim: The study aims to assess the prevalence of oral reactive lesions who reported to the dental institution.
Materials and methods: All the data regarding the study population was obtained from DIAS( Dental Information Archiving Software)- all patient records from management. The data collected was tabulated and imported to SPSS software. Statistical analysis was done using Chi square tests.
Results: results from the study indicate that inflammatory fibroepithelial hyperplasia is highly prevalent followed by angiomatous granuloma. And also, females between the age group 30 - 40 years commonly presented with oral reactive lesions when compared to males. ‘
Conclusion: Therefore from the results obtained, it can be concluded that amongst the oral reactive lesions inflammatory fibroepithelial hyperplasia was highly prevalent among females of age 30 - 40 years.

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