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Syed Muhammad Ali
Samia Afaq
Muhammad Ali Mehdi
Sana Ajaz
Wafa Ishaq
Ramla Shabbir
Rukhsar Imran
Yasir Habib
Syeda Hijab Fatima
Syeda Tameen Shafique


Pharmacy services, level of satisfactipon, pharmacist availability., Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical care offers varying levels of satisfaction between retail and hospital settings to enhance patient's quality of life by providing proper medication guidance. This study aims to assess patient satisfaction with pharmacy services in both retail and hospital pharmacies among the general population of Lahore.

A cross-sectional survey was conducted using self-administered questionnaires, designed based on research articles related to community and hospital pharmacies. The survey instrument was adapted from a published questionnaire and included questions on demographics, preference levels, pharmacist availability, and patient satisfaction with pharmacy services in hospital or retail settings.

Out of 400 participants, 155 preferred hospital setups while 245 preferred retail setups. Graduates and undergraduates, having sufficient knowledge and exposure to pharmacy services, were more likely to utilize them and showed a positive response. However, other individuals hesitated due to a lack of knowledge and insufficient facilities in hospital settings, which creates barriers to accessing these services.

People with greater knowledge about pharmacy services are more likely to use them. Pharmacists must understand patient expectations and provide appropriate guidance. However, due to the workload on hospital pharmacists, they often cannot interact adequately with patients, leading to lower satisfaction with hospital pharmacy services. Therefore, it is crucial to provide equal opportunities for all individuals to gain proper knowledge and awareness about pharmacy services.


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