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Iqra Kamal
Dr Mehwish Urooj
Dr asma Siddiqui
Dr Samra Bokhari
Dr.Hafiz Mahmood azam
Dr. Noor Fatima Masood




This study investigates the Influence of Different Tooth Shapes on Masticatory Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction in Complete Denture Prosthetics. A diverse sample of participants with complete edentulism (n=200) was enrolled, representing various age groups (50 and below: 60%, Above 50: 40%), education levels (High School: 30%, Bachelor's Degree: 40%, Master's Degree and above: 30%), and income brackets (Below 30,000: 45%, 30,000-50,000: 35%, Above 50,000: 20%). The masticatory efficiency scores, measured using a spectrophotometer, exhibited a progressive increase across different tooth shapes: Standard Tooth Shape (Group A): Mean Score = 3.8, Oval-shaped Teeth (Group B): Mean Score = 4.2, Square-shaped Teeth (Group C): Mean Score = 4.5, and Triangular-shaped Teeth (Group D): Mean Score = 4.7. Patient satisfaction, assessed through a questionnaire (Likert scale), revealed higher mean scores for aesthetics, comfort, and chewing ability in participants with Triangular-shaped Teeth (Group D) compared to other groups: Aesthetics - Group D: Mean Score = 4.6, Comfort - Group D: Mean Score = 4.4, Chewing Ability - Group D: Mean Score = 4.5. These findings underscore the significance of tooth morphology in optimizing functional outcomes and subjective experiences in complete denture prosthetics.

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