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Lusy Noviani
Wanda Aurina


Telepharmacy, technology, pharmacy services, patient satisfaction


Introduction:Telepharmacy is an innovation in the healthcare field that offers remote pharmacy services through digital technology. Telepharmacy offers some advantages, such as easier accessibility and time efficiency due to visiting a pharmacy. Many patients have switched from traditional pharmacy services to telepharmacy services, so they don’t have to visit the pharmacy. However, telepharmacy services also have some disadvantages, one of which is internet access, which leads many patients to still prefer conventional pharmacy services. There will be some differences in patient preferences and perceptions that affect patient satisfaction with these services. This review aims to compare patient satisfaction levels after experiencing both services to understand patient preferences and perceptions of both services. This review was written after doing research in some journals related to telepharmacy.

Methods: Using English Language publications that were published and connected to telepharmacy. The article was collected from PubMed, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar.

Result: The results show that there are differences in patient satisfaction levels between patients who experienced tele pharmacy services and those who experienced conventional pharmacy services. Some studies show a higher satisfaction with telepharmacy compared to physically visiting the pharmacy. However, other research suggests that patient satisfaction with physically visiting the pharmacy is higher due to a few factors, such as poor internet access, more accurate disease diagnosis, more accurate and better disease examination and treatment, as well as comprehensive physical examinations. These differences can serve as insights to improve pharmacy services by addressing weaknesses in each type of healthcare service and enhancing their respective strengths.

Conclusion: telepharmacy is a useful, accessible and fast technology in providing drug counseling and information. However, existing obstacles such as internet network instability, inaccurate checks, are challenges that must be resolved for the future development of telepharmacy.. 

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