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Asif Islam
Vivek Kumar
Raj Kanwal
Dr Aman Ullah Khan Kakar
Sadia Iram
Amina Gul Shehzar Khan
Nigar Hashmi
Faiyyaz ur Rehman
Dr Jaisingh Rajput


Arthritis, Biologic therapy, Health outcomes, Patients awareness, Rheumatological disorders.


Background: Rheumatological and autoimmune diseases affect a substantial portion of world's population and had substantial impact on functional status and health-related outcome of affected individuals.

Objectives: We investigated the influence of socio-demographic and clinical factors on the functional status and health of patients with rheumatological and autoimmune diseases.

Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional survey of 384 patients with rheumatological and autoimmune diseases to examine relationships between socio-demographic and clinical variables, functional status, and patients’ health. We collected data on structured questionnaire pertaining to socio-demographics of patients and assessment of functional health status of patients was done using DAS-28 and MHAQ scoring charts.

Results: Majority of patients (73.69%) were females (p<0.05). Age range of patients was 18-68 years with mean 58.32+9.18 years. 52 patients (13.54%) had a DAS-28 score between 2.6 and 3.2, 218 patients (56.77%) had a DAS-28 score between 3.2 and 5.1, and 98 patients (25.52%) had a DAS-28 score higher than 5.1. Between 0 and 8 MHAQ scores, there were 89 (23.17%) patients, between 9 and 16 patients had 163 (42.44%), between 17 and 24 patients had 109 (28.38%), and between 25 and 32 patients had 23 (5.98%).

Conclusion: Socio-demographic and clinical factors played significant role in determining the functional status and overall health of patients with rheumatological and autoimmune diseases. Older age, a lower literacy level, prolonged disease and occurrence of multiple clinical characteristics were associated with a abridged functional and health-status of patients’ life.

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