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Aisha Shakeel
Fatima haider
Areeba Jawad
Reja Tabbassam
Aroosa Khan
Hadia Saleem
Amina Ijaz
Jaweria Ishtiaq
Yasir Ali


Interpersonal needs, Emotional intelligence and suicidal ideation.


Establishing positive connections with others, achieving emotional intelligence, and receiving proper mental health support play a significant role in feeling connected, effectively managing difficult emotions, and reducing the risk of self-harm ideation. By creating a supportive space that appreciates and tackles these issues, we can strive to improve people's overall health, ability to bounce back from challenges, and feeling of being connected. So, this research study explored the impact of interpersonal needs on emotional intelligence and suicidal ideation among the university students of Sialkot. A correlational research method used in this study. The data collected from 250 university students aged 18 to 25 years, and a purposive sampling technique used to gather data from them. From three different universities in Sialkot (University of Sialkot, University of Management and Technology, and GC University Sialkot) data were collected. Interpersonal needs questionnaire INQ-15, Beck Scale for Suicidal Ideation (BSSI), and Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale WLEIS used for data collection. The finding indicates that there is a negative correlation between emotional intelligence and interpersonal needs, and between emotional intelligence and suicidal ideation, suicidal ideation, and interpersonal needs are also negatively correlated. Also, the result revealed that age and socioeconomic status have a considerable impact on suicidal ideation. The findings addressed to explain them in light of Pakistani culture and previous empirical evidence. This research is helpful for universities and educational institutes to develop a plan for university students whose interpersonal needs are not fulfilling and who have low levels of emotional intelligence.

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