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Das Chinmaya
Pradhan Swagatika
Panda Dhiren
Das Saurjya Ranjan
Jena Shibanee
Raman Ramendra Kumar


Lobes of lung, Oblique fissure, Horizontal fissure


Background: Lungs are paired organs essential for respiration in the thoracic cavity. Each lung is divided into lobes by fissures. Fissures in the lung enhance uniform lung expansion. Fissures may be complete, incomplete, or absent. The right lung is divided into the upper and middle lobes by the horizontal fissure, and the lower lobe is separated from the middle lobe by an oblique fissure. The left lung is divided only by a single fissure into the upper and lower lobes.

 Objective: A detailed knowledge of variations of classical and accessory fissures in lungs is necessary for proper radiological interpretation.

 Method: Thirty-two pairs of lungs procured from formalin-fixed cadavers used for undergraduate teaching at IMS and SUM Hospital Bhubaneswar were studied. Lungs were studied for (a) the Presence of normal fissures and lobes, (b) Variations of fissures, complete or incomplete, and (c) Accessory fissures.

 Observation: Incomplete horizontal fissures in 37%, incomplete oblique fissures in 18%, and complete absence of horizontal fissures in 7% of the right lung. In the left lung, we found 18% incomplete oblique fissure. No cases of accessory fissures were found.

 Conclusion: A detailed knowledge of lobes and fissures of the lungs is mandatory before any surgical and diagnostic procedure on the lungs. Variations are prevalent and bound to pose critical post-operative complications

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