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Rabail Hameer
Shafaq Aijaz
Abid Hussain
Sualeha Usman
Ekta Raj
Iqra Mustafa


Ovarian masses, ultrasound, ovarian cancer, sensitivity, specificity


Introduction: Ovarian neoplasms are common gynecological problems. Ultrasound is the primary imaging of choice for evaluation of ovarian lesions. Moreover, it is a cost-effective modality and used to characterize mass on the basis of features initially.

Objective: “To determine the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in differentiating ovarian neoplasm, by taking histopathology as gold standard

Study design: Cross-sectional study

Setting: Department of radiology, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro - Pakistan

Study duration: 10th November 2021 till 10th may 2022

Methods: Women aged 20-45 years presenting with ovarian lesions >8 cm on ultrasound were included. Patients underwent laparotomy after ultrasound. Diagnostic accuracy including sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV) of ultrasound was calculated using 2 x 2 tables keeping histopathological findings as gold standard.

Results:  Mean age of the patients was 36.01 ± 6.44 years. Mean duration of symptoms was 27.75 ± 17.2 months. Total 25 (11.50%) had 1 parity and 192 (88.50%) had >1 parity. Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound in cases of malignancy showed sensitivity, specificity, positive predicted value (PPV), negative predicted value (NPV) and overall diagnostic accuracy as 82.68%, 73.68%, 93.67%, 47.46% and 81.11% taking histopathology as gold standard.

Conclusion: Ultrasound has high sensitivity, moderate specificity, and high diagnostic accuracy in diagnosing malignant ovarian masses taking histopathology as gold standard.

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