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Tanveer Khan
Abuzar Khan
Bibi Maryam
Farhad Badshah
Eliana Ibáñez Arancibia
Patricio R. De los Ríos-Escalante
Nimra Noor
Anis Khan
Arab Hussain


Typhoid, Salmonella typhi, Hematology, Prevalence, Parameters


Typhoid is a bacterial disease caused by a gram-negative bacteria called salmonella typhi. It enters to body by ingestion of contaminated food and water. The study was carried out in tehsil Charsadda. This study was carried with the aim to find out the prevalence of malaria and to aware the people about this disease. For this purpose, a total of 152 samples were collected out of which 41 (26%) were found positive and 111 (73%) were negative. In month-based prevalence, high number of typhoid patients was found in August and September. The occurrence of typhoid fever appears high in female as compared to male.  In age-based prevalence of typhoid, highest prevalence was found in age group of 21-40 years and lowest was found in age group of 51-60 years. The common symptoms include fever (26%) headache (29%) Abdominal pain (37%) Lack of appetite (29%) Myalgia (35%). According to present study the risk factors include previous history, lack of personal hygiene and use of contaminated water. The following hematological parameters; RBC, WBC, Hb, platelets and its effects were studied in both genders, in which WBC and platelets number increases while RBC and Hb become decreases.

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