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Dr. Wahida Anjum
Dr. Zainab Qazi
Dr. Maryam Gul
Dr. Ayesha Khalid
Iqra Sageer


Anxiety, depression, family incivility, quality of life, hemodialysis patients


The current study aimed to investigate the relationship between anxiety, depression, family incivility, and quality of life among hemodialysis patients. Predictors of the quality of life were also determined. A correlational research design and survey method were used. Participants (N = 100) were approached through a purposive sampling technique. A demographic information sheet, the Pakistan Anxiety and Depression Questionnaire, the Family Incivility Scale, and the World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale- 26 (WHOQOL-26) were used for data collection. The Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient results show a satisfactory level of internal consistency of the scales. The findings of the person product-moment correlation indicated that anxiety, depression, family incivility, and social relations have a significant positive relationship with high magnitude. In contrast, these variables have a significant inverse relationship with quality of life, physical health, psychological, and environmental factors. Predictive variables accounted for 36 % accumulative variances in the outcome variables, demonstrating that 64 % of unknown variables must be investigated in further studies. Implications of the study have been discussed in the cultural context of Pakistan.

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