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Maryam Hidayat
Zara Sagheer
Soban Abu Khifs
Eiman khalifa Idris Habani
Yesha Vaghasia
Fatima Ejaz
Abdullah Ahmed Almesri


Dietary supplements, General surgery, Micronutrients, Nutritional intervention, Wound healing.


Background: The efficacy of peri-operative nutritional interventions in enhancing surgical recovery is a subject of considerable medical interest and significance.

Objectives: This prospective, randomized, controlled trial examined the influence of an enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) nutritional support regimen on perioperative nutritional status and patient outcomes in a tertiary hospital in KPK.

Methods: 246 participants were designated randomly to either the intervention group or control. The intervention group was given perioperatively-tailored nutritional interventions, and the group serving as control received standard perioperative care and their comparative clinical outcomes were studied.

Results: Intervention group experienced significant reduction in post-operative complications (18.7% vs. 39.8%, p=0.0101) and a shorter average length of hospitalization (3.11+1.24 days vs. 5.52+2.40 days, p=0.0411). Postoperatively, the intervention group had substantially higher levels of major clinical and biochemical parameters than the control group.

Practical implications: The study highlighted implementing the ERAS nutritional support regimen, can result in fewer post-operative complications, shortened hospital stays, increased patient satisfaction, and the need for comprehensive nutritional assessments to ensure optimal perioperative care.

Conclusion: Enhanced recovery after surgery protocol demonstrated significant improvements in the postoperative clinical and biochemical parameters of patients, as well as reduction in hospital duration of stay and increase in patient satisfaction upon discharge.

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