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Atheer Almotairi
Zafar Ahmad
Mohammed Hassan Alhothali
Abdulaziz Obid Aldosari
Sarah Mohammed Almutairi
Talal Eqab Alharthi
Salh Saeed Al Zahrani
Faten Eid Al-Mutairi
Maha Abdullah Dawi
Manar Nawar Al-Matrafi
Samia Mohammed Alotaibi
Seham Mohammed Alzahrani


Cross-disciplinary, Teamwork Processes, Healthcare


Background: The research was carried out to highlight the importance of a cross-disciplinary approach to teamwork in the healthcare sector.


Aim: The purpose of the systematic review is to carefully analyze the existing literature on the cross-disciplinary approach practiced in healthcare institutions and its impact on the overall efficiency associated with it.


Method: A systematic search of databases including PubMed and Google Scholar was conducted to identify relevant studies published between 2005-2023. The inclusion criteria for this study consisted of selecting articles written in English that specially examined the cross-disciplinary teamwork approach and its impact on healthcare institutions, professionals, and patients. Additionally, the chosen articles had to use well-established measurement approaches that provide valuable data on the cross-disciplinary teamwork that affects patients' health in the hospital setting. After initial screening and quality assessment, ten studies were included in the synthesis.


Results: It revealed a consistent pattern of cross-disciplinary teamwork processes directly linked with patient care and services provided by the healthcare institutions.


Conclusion: The review underscores the importance of cross-disciplinary teamwork processes in hospital settings. The research concluded that the cross-disciplinary teamwork processes hold the potential as an effective strategy for enhancing patient care and teamwork among healthcare professionals.

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