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Nitin Kumar
Bharat Agarwal
Sunil Kumar
Mohua Mazumdar
G. D. Koolwal


Parents, Neonates, NICU, Anxiety, Depression


Background: - The admission of the neonate to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) leads to significant parental distress. This stress may have adverse consequences not only on mother but also on father. Objectives of the current study were to assess and compare levels of anxiety and depression among such parents, and to study the associated parental and neonatal variables.

Methodology: -In the current comparative cross sectional study a total of 80 pairs of parents (80 mothers and 80 fathers) whose neonate was admitted at NICU for more than 2 weeks at a tertiary health care centre of western Rajasthan, India were included. Participants were those who consented to participate and met inclusion criteria. A semi structured proforma including socio-demographic profile of the parents and clinical parameters of the condition of the neonate was administered along with state-anxiety subscale of the state-trait anxiety inventory (STAI-S) and Beck’s depression inventory (BDI II).

Results: -The majority of parents of were Hindu, from urban background, living in an extended nuclear family. Majority of parents scored no or low anxiety and depression. Scores suggestive of anxiety and depression were found only in few parents. Mean STAI-S score was in mild anxiety for mothers whose neonates were admitted for observation whereas for the rest of the groups it showed nil or low range of anxiety. The Mean BDI II scores were in the range of minimal depression.

Conclusion: - Symptoms of both anxiety and depression in the parents need to be assessed after their neonate is admitted for a significant period in the ICU so that adequate interventions can be administered.

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