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S. Venkateswara Rao
T. Indumathi
D. Ameena
T. Lakshmi Sravani
K. Sri Padma
K. Padmalatha




One of its most popular and usual techniques for administering drugs is still oral delivery. Traditional solid dose forms, such as pills and capsules, provide problems, particularly for elderly patients, children, and those who have trouble ingesting. Orally dissolving Film (ODFs) have become a unique and promising medication delivery method to get around these restrictions in recent years. ODFs are a great alternative for individuals whom struggle to consume traditional medications since they are flexible, thin, and quickly dissolving films that may be applied to the mouth or oral cavity with out the need of fluids. This review seeks to give an summary of oral dissolving films, containing information on their composition, production processes, and prospective medicinal uses.ODFs can be produced using methods including lyophilization process hot-melted extrusions, and cast in solvent, all of which are relatively straightforward procedures. These techniques guarantee accurate dosage and reproducible quality, solving significant issues with drug administration. It will also discuss the benefits and challenges of creating ODF, such as stiffness, scale-up production, and taste masking, as well as exactly how continuous technical advancements are addressing these problems. In conclusion but not the least, oral dissolving film are an innovative method of drug delivery which have an opportunity to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry. Due to their ability to increase patient compliance and their ability to adapt in formulation and production, ODFs are positioned as a viable option for a variety of therapeutic applications.

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