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Subhranshu Panda
Umesh Jirole
Santosh Jadhav
Dhanashree Jirole
Vivek Kulkarni


Sesamol, Linum usitatissimum, Natural Mucilage, Microspheres, Antihyperlipidemic


The mucilages are polysaccharide obtained from various seeds. Thus, present study is started with aim to formulate Linum usitatissimum seed mucilage based microspheres of sesamol. The drug loaded microspheres were formulated using ionic gelation method and evaluated for physicochemical properties. The mucilage showed acceptable colour, odour and taste. The microspheres showed good swelling ability, mucoadhesive potential and sustained drug release. Thus, linseed mucilage could be promising alternative for fabrication of gastroretentive drug delivery system. 

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