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Subhranshu Panda
Prashant Mane
B. N. Poul


Capacitabine, Liposomes, Palmitoyl chloride mannose conjugate, hepatocyte targeting


Nanotechnology mediated drug delivery is utilize nowadays for effective drug delivery at desired cell target. Many scientific investigators have utilized nanocarrier mediated drug delivery of antitumor drug for active targeting of encapsulated drug at desired target cells. Capacitabine is approved anticancer drug especially use for management of breast and colon cancer. Various conventional drug delivery systems of capacitabine are available for clinical use. However, limited oral bioavailability is major hurdle associated with conventional delivery of capacitabine. Thus, present study has started with aim to synthesize palmitoyl chloride mannose conjugate for hepatocyte targeting of capacitabine loaded liposomes

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