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Reena Tyagi
Vijay Bhalla
Prantika Mondal


Ophthalmic drug delivery, Eye diseases, Ocular barriers, Novel drug delivery system, Posterior and anterior segment


Ocular drug delivery has consistently posed a challenge for ophthalmologists and drug-delivery experts. Many eye conditions require prolonged and frequent drug treatments, but the effectiveness of topical drugs is often limited to less than 5% due to natural barriers in the eye. Recent advances in nanotechnology offer promising solutions. Novel ocular drug delivery systems encompass innovative approaches such as nanomicelles, nanoparticles, nanosuspensions, liposomes, drug-eluting contact lenses, ocular inserts, and specialized ocular devices. These systems are designed to prolong drug residence on the ocular surface and enhance the bioavailability of therapeutic agents, thereby improving the effectiveness of treatment. This comprehensive review explores the latest developments in novel ophthalmic drug delivery systems and strategies to improve therapeutic outcomes, patient compliance, and minimize side effects. We highlight the potential of these technologies to enhance drug bioavailability, prolong drug release, and target specific ocular tissues, offering promising solutions for various eye conditions. This review thoroughly examines the evolving landscape of ophthalmic drug delivery, offering insights into the future of ocular therapeutics

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