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pooja kumari
Mrs Priyanka Maurya
Dr.jai Narayan Mishra


Liposome, Dapsone, topical administration, Franz diffusion cell, and in-vitro release


The current investigation employed a method to assess the effectiveness of liposomes as a new type of lipid for delivering dapsone through the skin. To optimize the liposomes, adjustments were made to the concentrations of ethanol phospholipids and cholesterol. Ultimately, liposomes composed of soy lecithin, ethanol, and cholesterol were found to be the most optimal. The results revealed that the F7 formulation yielded spherical, unilamellar vesicles with a smooth surface, demonstrating superior outcomes. The topical administration of dapsone may offer an alternative method of acne valgeris as well as novel therapeutic uses for a known medication. Dapsone is challenging to include into standard formulations due to its physicochemical characteristics. The goal of the current study was to create a stable liposomal containing dapsone that could be modified for topical application

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