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Dr. Syeda Razia Bukhari
Ms. Naveeda Khattak
MS. Amina Atif
MS. Asma Razzaq
Ms Hafsa Javed
Ms. Kainat Aamir
Ms. Rimsha Khan


Anxiety, Depression, Stress, school-based preventions and systematic Review


Objectives: The purpose of the current systematic review is to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of school-based programs aimed at diminishing mental health problems of adolescents.

Methods: The following systematic review includes researches and systematic analysis carried out between (2011-2022).

Results: The following systematic review includes researches and systematic analysis conducted between (2011-2022). The results are separated by two outcome variables:anxiety, and depression/depressive symptoms. A total of 10 studies were included in the meta-analyses, with a total of 1000 adolescent participants.

Conclusion: The current systematic review investigated the effectiveness of these interventions on anxiety and depressive symptoms in adolescents.

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