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Dr Simrat Bhullar
Dr Harnoor Singh
Dr Reshma Dodwad
Dr Navpreet Singh
Dr Vithal Kumar Malleshi Betigeri
Dr Harnoor Singh Sandhu
Dr Avineet Kaur


Monkey pox, Diagnosis, Africa, and the United States


MPXV, or monkey pox virus, is a associated with Poxviridae family and the Ortho poxvirus genus. Only two different species of wild animals— just like a a rope squirrel located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a sooty mangabey in Ivory Coast—have had a virus isolated from them. Protection against monkey pox infection after receiving the smallpox vaccine was calculated to be around 85%. Since smallpox was finally eradicated in 1980, widespread vaccination campaigns have tapered down. That opened the door for monkey pox to be considered as a bioterror threat.

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