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Dr Sahib Sharma
Dr Reshma Dodwad
Dr. Anupama Vithal Kumar Betigeri
Dr Kanwar Shabaz Singh Sandhu
Dr Avineet Kaur
Mehraab Dhillon


Lung cancer vaccine, Oral cancer vaccine, Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, and other cancer vaccines


The first cancer vaccine using tumor cells and lysates was created in 1980. The COVID-19 pandemic has revitalized interest in cancer vaccines and accelerated their development. Finally, mRNA vaccines can be made rapidly and affordably. RNA-stimulated dendritic cells were the focus of the first mRNA-based cancer vaccine study, which was conducted in 1996. Clinical trials of several cancer immunotherapy vaccines have shown encouraging results. Therapeutic cancer vaccine efficacy is affected by several factors, such as the selected target antigen(s), the presence of adjuvants, and the vaccine's capacity to elicit antitumor T cell responses in a highly immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.

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