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B. Alyahya
S. Tamur
S. Aljenedil
A. Larocque
E. Holody
S. Gosselin


Acetaminophen, intestinal trauma, gastrointestinal motility, toxicokinetics



Reduced gastrointestinal motility can alter the toxicokinetics of acetaminophen poisoning. We report a case of altered acetaminophen toxicokinetics due to delayed gastrointestinal absorption, likely secondary to intestinal trauma/surgery.

Case Report

A 37- year -old woman ingested an unknown amount of acetaminophen and ethanol then stabbed herself in the abdomen. The initial acetaminophen was 1,285.9 μmol/L and the time of ingestion was not known. Intravenous acetylcysteine protocol was started. She devel oped an ileus post -surgery for the stab wounds. At 31 hours post -presentation, the acetaminophen returned undetectable, and the transaminases were normal. After the resolution of the ileus, repeated acetaminophen peaked at 363.3 μmol/L 52 hours post - admission. At 76 hours post -admission, the acetaminophen was undetectable, and transaminases and coagulation parameters were normal.


Reduction in gastrointestinal motility secondary to trauma and/or surgery must be considered when determining when t o initiate or discontinue treatment as well as how long to monitor acetaminophen concentrations.

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