Effect of Melatonin on Periodontal Parameters and Glycemic Control in Periodontitis Patients

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Paladugu Devi Navya
Sankari Malaiappan
Bhavana Garapati


Periodontal, Patients, Parameters


Introduction: melatonin is a multifunctional chemical with various biological actions, like antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, osteopromotive, bone loss inhibition, oncostatic, and neuroprotective effects. This hormone stimulates the manufacture of type I collagen, which improves osteoblast differentiation and bone growth. The current study aims to determine how melatonin, used in conjunction with nonsurgical periodontal therapy, affects the clinical parameters and HbA1c levels in subjects with stage II-III periodontitis.
Methods: Total 120 subjects known diabetic were allocated into two groups. Control group was given conventional phase 1 treatment alone and the test group along with conventional treatment, 2mg of melatonin was given for 8 weeks. HbA1c and periodontal clinical parameters were taken at baseline and 8 weeks after the treatment.
Results: Paired t test was used to compare before and after within the groups and to assess the statistical difference between groups at various time durations, an independent t test was performed. After treatment was complete, adjunct melatonin administration considerably reduced the mean values of PD and CAL in the test group (p<0.001)
Conclusion: Melatonin as adjunct to non surgical periodontal therapy shows positive results in terms of clinical parameters along with the reduction in HbA1c values.

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