Evaluation Of the Degradation, Microbial Colonization, Sustainability of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Lycopene Coated Suture Materials - An In-Vitro Study

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Bhavana Garapati
Sankari Malaiappan
Paladugu Devi Navya


lycopene, suture material, wound healing, periodontal surgery, antioxidants


Background: Lycopene has biological properties and is widely used in medicine these days. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of lycopene, on the physical and mechanical properties of the suture material, which is commonly used in periodontal, oral and maxillofacial surgeries.
Material and Method: The lycopene gel was prepared and the suture material was dipped in it for 24 hrs. Tensile strength, wound healing assay were evaluated. The presence of lycopene was confirmed using SEM analysis.
Result: The lycopene coating was well adhered to the suture and results obtained by the wound healing assay demonstrated that the presence of lycopene promoted cell migration and proliferation in the wound area suggesting an active role of lycopene in the wound healing process. The tensile strength was stable after 24 hrs.
Conclusion: This research showed that the antioxidant coatings developed on silk sutures may offer important advantages in terms of prevention from surgical infections and wound healing process, and suggested a novel approach towards antioxidant biomaterials for clinical practice.

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