Review on the oxidative stress in methamphetamine addicts

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Mazin Fadhil Altufailia
Hussein Kadhem Al-Hakeima
Basim Abd Al-Raheem Twaij


Review, Papers, Generation, Research


A lot of research has found that there are toxic effects on the body and mental state at both the near- and long-term levels of addiction to methamphetamine. Therefore, the study of the chemical molecules that cause tissue damage in addicts is an important necessity to understand the mechanism of poisoning and open prospects for treatment. In this research, changes in oxidative stress molecules were reviewed in methamphetamine addicts.
The published papers that dealt with changes in oxidative stress final products, its enzymes, and antioxidants in addicts were reviewed, and the explanations reached by previous research were collected. It is concluded from this review that methamphetamine abuse causes an increase in the end-products of the generation of free radicals from the metabolic processes accompanying the biotransformation of methamphetamine and a decrease in antioxidants, which requires therapeutic intervention to reduce the harmful effects of methamphetamine abuse.

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